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Table 3 Think aloud studies—topics covered

From: Details of development of the resource for adults with asthma in the RAISIN (randomized trial of an asthma internet self-management intervention) study

  Introduction My asthmaa Treatments Asthma review Exercise Concerns Queries Stress Anxiety Action plan 4 week challenge
TA04c (s2)     
TA05d (s3)     
TA06 (s2)      
TA07 (s2)      
TA09d (s3)      
TA10b (s3)     
TA11c (s2)  
  1. aMy asthma section eventually split into 3 sections numbered s1, s2, s3. With s1 being based mainly on the contents reviewed at the first 3 think alouds before recognising need for 3 versions of this section: S1—I have never been prescribed or used a preventer inhaler; S2—I have a preventer inhaler but don’t really use it as prescribed; S3—I have a preventer inhaler and mostly use it as prescribed. bTA01 and TA10 were same participant; cTA04 and TA11 were same participant; dTA05 and TA09 were same participant: eTA08 used a Braillenote computer, which was not compatible with our software so we were unable to complete the Think Aloud study.