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Table 3 The false positive errors made by the ES algorithm with the causes described by the oncologist

From: Increasing the efficiency of trial-patient matching: automated clinical trial eligibility Pre-screening for pediatric oncology patients

Cause of false positive errors identified by the physician chart review Number of errors
Previously enrolled in the trial/therapy at a different institution 3
New diagnosis treated with standard of care therapy due to high likelihood of survival 4
Correct diagnosis but in a different stage of the disease (e.g. high risk versus low risk) 5
Correct diagnosis but incorrect relapse status (e.g. relapsed versus non-relapsed, remission 1 versus remission 2) 5
Wrong diagnosis, confusion between sub-categories of diseases (e.g. ALL versus AML, T cell versus Pre-B cell and different types of renal tumors) 13
Wrong diagnosis, other reasons 12