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Table 2 Computation of essential sub-conditions based on patient’s assessment

From: Engineering a mobile health tool for resource-poor settings to assess and manage cardiovascular disease risk: SMARThealth study

Clinically high risk Impaired fasting glucose Weight Hypertension
SBP ≥160 mmHg or DBP ≥100 mmHg or TC ≥320 mg/dL or LDL ≥240 mg/dL or TC/HDL>8 Fasting blood sugar level between 110 mg/dL and 126 mg/dL or history of diabetes Obesity if BMI ≥30 Overweight if 25 ≤BMI<30 SBP ≥140 or DBP ≥90 or history of hypertension
  1. This is performed as a precursor to CDS recommendations for CVD management; Terminology - BMI stands for Body Mass Index.