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Table 2 Examples of questions asked by interviewer of usability participants

From: Cultural adaptation of a shared decision making tool with Aboriginal women: a qualitative study

Background Statement (interviewer speaking to participant): ‘This is your decision scenario – so I am asking you to pretend to be preparing to go in to see your care provider, a counsellor, social worker, doctor/nurse, to make a decision about a return to school’.
The participant talks through how she would use the OPDG to prepare for her meeting with a care provider, and answers some brief questions at the end of the role-play on her views towards using the OPDG.
Question Prompts
1. Was the OPDG easy to use? Did it make sense the way it was organized? Was it clear?
2. Would you try it out again/for making a real decision? Why or why not? What was it like to use it? What could make it better?
3. Do you think that this could help you to make a decision that you think is good? Clarify the choice options? Figure out the benefits and harms? The chances that the benefits or harms might happen?
4. Do you have any ideas on what might help you to be more involved in decisions and choose what you think are better options?