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Table 1 Examples of questions asked by interviewer of focus group participants

From: Cultural adaptation of a shared decision making tool with Aboriginal women: a qualitative study

Question Prompt
1. In general, what did you like or not like about this form? Was anything confusing about it? Made sense? Seems organized? Useful? Why/why not?
2. Do you think that this form would be useful when considering a decision about your health and well being, or about something like whether to go to school? Do they seem to ask the right questions? Do the topics/ideas seem right?
3. We will now go through each question on the form. Do you think that #_ makes sense? If a concern is raised: What do you like/not like? What would you change?
4. Do you have any other comments or suggestions that we should consider that would make the form easier for Aboriginal women to use? Topics, ideas: particular words, pictures?
5. Those are all the questions we were going to ask; would you like to ask us about anything? Is there anyone else you think we should talk with about this topic?  
6. Do you think we have created a tool that could be useful for making decisions about health?  
7. Would you try it out again for making a real decision? Why or why not? What was it like to use? What would make it better?
8. Do you think that this could help you to make a decision that you think is good? Clarify the choice options? Figure out the benefits and harms? The chances that the benefits or harms might happen?