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Table 3 Comparison of key characteristics of reviewed information models

From: Extension of the primary care research object model (PCROM) as clinical research information model (CRIM) for the learning healthcare system

Aspect CTOM version 1.3 (2007) PCROM version 2.0 BRIDG (version 3.02) PR sub-domain CDISC SDM version 1.0 HL7 RIM 2.41 EHR RM, 1.02 Comment
Basic concepts Activity, study event Activity, study event Study activity Activity, study event Entity, Role, Participation, Acts Care_entry, admin_entry, instruction, activity Differences with respect to relation between activity and study event
Representation of structural concepts of clinical trials Study time point   Epoch Epoch, cell, segment A medical record is a record of each of the individual actions that make up the diagnosis, treatment and care of a patient Through observation, history, event Differences in granularity, in some cases indirect representation
Link to study protocol From activity via study participant via site to protocol From study event via period via timeline to protocol From study activity to sub-protocol version Protocol elements exist within categories: structure, workflow, timing    Different concepts (link via patient, standard elements of protocol)
Representation of care aspects Health care site, health care site participant Health care site, patient Health care provider (subject)   SubstanceAdminis-tration, PatientEncounter, DiagnosticImage Care_entry, event_con-text Represented, except for CDISC SDM
  1. PR = Protocol Representation, SDM = Study Design Model.