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Table 3 Reports of user events which were captured over a 2-week period (n = 20 users)

From: An innovative approach to near-infrared spectroscopy using a standard mobile device and its clinical application in the real-time visualization of peripheral veins

Variable Value
Measurement Metric: Session
Total number of sessions 497
Average session duration (hh:mm:ss) 00:08:52
Longest session duration 00:36:29
Most used screen (displayed controls) Visual detection
Measurement Metric: Events
Total number of manual camera settings adjustments 12,475
Three most used camera settings (descending based on the total number of usage) Exposure, Contrast, Gain
Two most selected camera profiles (descending) Low light, LED profile
Most used visualization mode (algorithm) Difference of Gaussians I
Number of snapshots (captured images from real-time video preview) 286
Number of snapshots which contain veins (analyzed after the pilot period) 219
Average frame frequency (Hz) 12.21
  1. Terminology: a `Session' represents a single period of user interaction within the application, `Screens' represent content which users are viewing within the application and `Events' represent a way to collect data about a user's specific engagement with interactive content (e.g., button presses).