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Table 1 Failure rate of student clinicians in locating the veins from 500 attempts, classified by Body Mass Index (BMI) of the subject

From: An innovative approach to near-infrared spectroscopy using a standard mobile device and its clinical application in the real-time visualization of peripheral veins

  Failure/Attempts Failure rate (%)
BMI 1 23/80 28.8
BMI 2 119/360 33.0
BMI 3 34/60 56.7
Total 176/500 35.2
  1. The results of the user acceptance assessment following 2 weeks of unsupervised usage are listed in Table 2. The quantitative usage data that were recorded are summarized in Table 3. On average, the student clinicians used the prototype 1.3 (SD 1.7) times daily. The high scores for Likert scale items A, B and C indicate that the users generally found the device useful, easy to use and were satisfied with it. These are particularly favorable outcomes from a group of users that had relatively little previous knowledge of vein imaging devices, indicated by the low score of questionnaire item D.