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Table 2 BI-RADS mammographic features

From: AdaBoost-based multiple SVM-RFE for classification of mammograms in DDSM

feature type

description or numeric value

mass shape

no mass(0), round(1), oval(2), lobulated(3), irregular(4)

mass margin

no mass(0), well circumscribed(1), microlobulated(2), obscured(3), ill-defined(4), spiculated(5)

calcification type

no calc.(0), milk of calcium-like(1), eggshell(2), skin(3), vascular(4), spherical(5), suture(6), coarse(7), large rod-like(8), round(9), dystrophic(10), punctate(11), indistinct(12), pleomorphic(13), fine branching(14)

calcification distribution

no calc.(0), diffuse(1), regional(2), segmental(3), linear(4), clustered(5)


1, 2, 3, 4


1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  1. density: 1 = sparser, 4 = denser;