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Table 4 Respondents' perceived strengths with ePrescribing

From: Physicians' attitudes towards ePrescribing – evaluation of a Swedish full-scale implementation

Question Opiniona n %b
What strengths do you associate with the EHR-system that you use for ePrescribing? Describe the events or features you find particularly easy/good.c   
  Fast and easy 54 30
  Easy to renew prescriptions 38 21
  Gives a good overview, particularly the list of drugs prescribed to a patient within the health care region 23 13
  Information transfer between different features of the EHR-system, e.g. prescribed drugs are automatically archived in the patients health record 21 12
  The overview of patient's prescribed drugs 17 9
  Improved safety 16 9
  Easy access to the drug reference list (FASS)d 11 6
  Clear information on e.g. packaging and price 7 4
  Everything/the most 5 3
  Drug interaction alerts 4 2
  Other 20 11
  Total (135 respondents) 216  
  1. a Respondents expressed their opinions in free text answers which have been categorised. b Part (%) of the total number of respondents (N = 180). c Completeness rate 0.75 (135/180). d Pharmaceutical Specialties in Sweden.