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Table 2 Evaluation of measures taken during the prescription process in response to an alert.

From: Substantial reduction of inappropriate tablet splitting with computerised decision support: a prospective intervention study assessing potential benefit and harm

Adjustment of medication regimen in response to an alert Total number of adjustments
n (%)
Suboptimal adjustments Number of suboptimal adjustments
Switch to another product (same or lower strength) 26 (37.7) Prescription still demands splitting of unscored brand 4
Switch to ≥ 2 brands with different strengths 16 (23.2) Suboptimal combination of strengths (preventable large number of tablets has to be taken) 3
Selection of a liquid formulation 1 (1.4) Selection of parenteral solution instead of oral solution 1
Adjustment of dosage regimen (dosage interval and/or daily dose) 23 (33.3) maintenance dose was increased and exceeds the maximum recommended dose in the SPC 1
Selection of another brand and adjustment of dosage regimen 3 (4.3) none 0
Total 69 (100)   9