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Table 6 Paper and pencil SCID 1 system and computer-administrated CB-SCID 1 system from deducted categories

From: Decision support in psychiatry – a comparison between the diagnostic outcomes using a computerized decision support system versus manual diagnosis

Deducted Categories Pro Paper and pencil (frequency, absolute numbers) Con Paper and pencil (frequency, absolute numbers) Pro Computer (frequency, absolute numbers) Con Computer (frequency, absolute numbers)
System structure, support Supportive 5 Non-supportive 18 Supportive 40 Non-supportive 3
System process, navigation Easy 5 Difficult 19 Easy 13 Difficult 3
Systems' administration Easy Difficult Easy 8 Difficult
Systems' advice, Diagnosis Heeding Rejecting Heeding 1 Rejecting 15
System preference Yes 6 No Yes 8 No
Thinking modality, Global Easy 18 Difficult 2 Easy Difficult 11
Thinking modality, step by step Easy Difficult Easy 9 Difficult 4
Learning, prepared to learn more about the system Yes 1 No Yes 15 No 2
Clinical use, prepared to use the system on real patients Yes No Yes 8 No 5