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Table 3 Examples of not supported claims

From: Accuracy of drug advertisements in medical journals under new law regulating the marketing of pharmaceutical products in Switzerland

Type Drug Claim Reference Reasons for non-support
False statement Tilur®(Acemetacin) As effective as the best, as safe as the Leeb et al. Orthopädie 33: 1032–1041, 2004 Only comparator to acemetacin was diclofenac which is neither the most effective nor the safest non-steroidal antirheumatic drug
Exaggeration of efficacy Relpax® (Eletriptan) Eliminates pain Sandrini G et al. Neurology 59:1210–1217, 2002 At 24 hours only 24%(40 mg) and 29%(80 mg) of patients treated with eletriptan were pain-free
Unjustified generalization Xefo® (Lornoxicam) Safe for heart and circulation Tsurko V et al. Ter Arkh 74:63–6, 2002 Only blood pressure and heart rate measured. No hard endpoints evaluated
Absence of relation Duphalac® (Laktulose) Fast and permanent effect on constipation Ballongue et al. Scand J Gast 32 Suppl. 222: 41–44, 1997 Constipation not an outcome of the study.
Unjustified transfer to humans Duspatalin® (Mebeverin) Effective in all cases of irritable bowel syndrome Boisson J et al. Chir. Digest.16: 289–292, 1987 Animal study (pigs)