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Table 4 Detection of allergies and possible adverse drug reactions in 45 in-patients for whom data are shown in Table 1

From: Underutilization of information and knowledge in everyday medical practice: Evaluation of a computer-based solution

Agent Reaction Physician History Computer History
Penicillin Allergic with hives, giant hives and pruritis 2 4
Penicillin Fever without skin reaction 0 1
Codeine Allergic – not specified 1 0
Aspirin Aspirin sensitive asthma 0 1
Latex Allergic with giant hives, urticaria 0 1
Contrast Dye Allergic with hives and itching 0 2
Peanuts/other nuts Allergic with rash, hives, itching 0 1
Atorvastatin Patients could not tolerate drug but denied muscle soreness or weakness or abnormal LFTs 0 2
Simvastatin Muscle soreness 0 2
Simvastatin plus calcium channel blocker Potential adverse interaction 0 1
Aspirin plus coumadin Potential adverse interaction 0 2