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Table 3 The risk factors identified in the INTERHEART study, their definitions and odds ratios.

From: Construction of an odds model of coronary heart disease using published information: the Cardiovascular Health Improvement Model (CHIME)

Risk factor Definition OR
Smoking status[25] Current versus non-smoker 2.87
ApoB/ApoA1 ratio (personal communication)   
2nd versus 1st quintile <0.57 1.42
3rd versus 1st quintile 0.57–0.69 1.84
4th versus 1st quintile 0.69–0.82 2.41
5th versus 1st quintile 0.98 3.25
History of hypertension[25] Self reported 1.91
Diabetes mellitus[25] Self reported 2.37
Abdominal obesity[29] Waist to hip ratio  
2nd versus 1st quintile Women: 0.79–0.84, men: 0.87–0.91 1.03
3rd versus 1st quintile Women: 0.84–0.89, men: 0.91–0.94 1.083
4th versus 1st quintile Women: 0.89–0.94, men: 0.94–0.98 1.379
5th versus 1st quintile Women: 0.94->, men: 0.98-> 1.666
Psychosocial factors[25] An unreported algorithm 2.67
Family history of premature CVD A first degree relative <55 for men and <60 for women 1.45
Consumption of fruit and vegetables[25] Daily consumption versus not 0.70
Regular alcohol consumption[25] At least three days a week 0.91
Regular physical activity[25] At least four hours a week 0.86