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Table 4 Relationship between optimal term count and optimal number of articles retrieved by a query, cross-tabulated by abstract selection.

From: Analysis of queries sent to PubMed at the point of care: Observation of search behaviour in a medical teaching hospital

  4 or 5 Terms Fewer or more than 4 or 5 Terms  
  AS/NQ(%)† AS/NQ(%)† NQ†
2–161 articles retrieved by query 161/254(63) 411/807(51) 1061
1 or more than 161 articles retrieved 48/113(42) 248/1080(23) 1193
Total NQ 367 1887 2254
  1. Selection of 2254 queries resulting in one or more retrieved articles and containing no Mesh headings, limits, wildcards or special operators, "AND" operator allowed. †AS = Queries leading to Abstract Selection. NQ = Total Number of Queries in category.