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Table 1 Aspects of queries sent to PubMed.

From: Analysis of queries sent to PubMed at the point of care: Observation of search behaviour in a medical teaching hospital

Aspects All queries (N = 3205)
AND used * 1409(44)
OR used * 22(0.7)
NOT used * 6(0.2)
wildcard used † 65(2)
Mesh or Limits used ‡ 252(8)
Query result positive § 2521(79)
Abstract selected || 999(31)
Full text selected || 456(14)
  1. * Boolean operators. † Asterisk functions as wildcard. ‡ All limits or Mesh terms were identified by the use of square brackets in a query. § One or more article titles retrieved by query. || Queries that resulted in the selection of abstract or full-text articles for further reading.