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Figure 2

From: Improving antibiotic prescribing for adults with community acquired pneumonia: Does a computerised decision support system achieve more than academic detailing alone? – a time series analysis

Figure 2

Proportion of concordant therapy prescribed over time. The solid lines indicate regression lines that best fit the observed data in each of the three time periods, demonstrating the percentage of empiric antibiotic therapy that was concordant with recommendations per month over time. The broken line is a regression line that best fits the observed data in just the first and second time periods. This line is projected forward over the third time period to demonstrate the 'predicted' concordance if the underlying trend from the first two time periods was to continue. The horizontal arrows demonstrate the timing of the two interventions. The vertical arrow represents the difference between the 'predicted' concordance and the observed concordance after the computerised decision support system (CDSS) intervention.

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