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Table 2 Positive responses in relation to SOVAT during the post-study interview.

From: Evaluation of SOVAT: An OLAP-GIS decision support system for community health assessment data analysis

Reason Number of Participants Indicating Participant Comments in Relation to this Reason
Easier to Use 12 • "Streamlined for this purpose"
   • "Took less steps"
   • "Easier to go back"
   • "Very straightforward"
   • "Not as complicated"
Interface 6 Everything was together
   • "1 program vs. 2"
   • "Loved the interface; the layout; organized nicely; visually appealing"
   • "Layout was well designed"
   • "SOVAT interface looked better"
Information Access 4 • "Gave you the answer quickly"
   • "Easy to get information"
   • "Easier to find information"
   • "Finding data was easier"
Specific Features 6 • "Liked Search Boxes"
   • "Drill-out and community creation"
   • "Easy to create communities"
   • Drill-out helped for boundary detection"
   • "Rates already provided"