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Table 2 Scanning categories. The number of subsections within the categories and the degree of scanned multiple documents versus scanned single document s varies between the hospitals.

From: No paper, but the same routines: a qualitative exploration of experiences in two Norwegian hospitals deprived of the paper based medical record

Category Examples
Summaries E.g. Index of consultations and admissions, Discharge reports, Discharge reports from other hospitals.
Textual medical record E.g. Continuous textual medical record (admission reports, surgery reports etc.), Referrals within the hospital
Lab results – tissue and body fluids E.g. clinical biochemical/immunol./pharmacol. Investigations
Organ functions (incl. photographs) E.g. cardiovascular function, lungs and respiratory function
Radiology and other imaging E.g radiological investigations, CT, MRI, ultrasound.
Treatment, observation and anestesia forms E.g. patient chart summary and treatment forms.
Nurses' documentation E.g. nurse's admission reports and notes
Other health personnel E.g. physical therapist, occupational therapist
Correspondence E.g. admission request forms
Certificates/notifications E.g. various public certificates, forms and notifications