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Table 2 Script Concordance Test item quality grid, adapted from Caire

From: Script Concordance Tests: Guidelines for Construction

Scenario • Describes a challenging situation, even for experts yes no
  • Describes an appropriate situation for examinees tested yes no
  • The scenario is necessary in order to understand the question and to set the context yes no
  • The clinical presentation is typical yes no
  • The scenario is correctly written yes no
Questions • Questions are developed following a key-feature approach yes no
  • In the experts' opinion, the options are relevant yes no
  • The same option is not found in two consecutive questions yes no
  • The new information (2nd column) makes it possible to test the link between the new information and the option (1st column) in the described context yes no
  • Likert scale anchors are clearly defined and unambiguous yes no
  • Questions are developed to spread the answers equally over all the values of the Likert scale yes no
  • Questions are developed to provide balance between low and high variability yes no
Experts' panel • Number between 10 and 20 yes no
  • The experts' panel includes experienced physicians whose presence in a jury is appropriate to the level of the examinees assessed yes no
  • Experts take the test individually, in exactly the same conditions as the examinees yes no