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Table 1 Indivo deployment

From: Indivo: a personally controlled health record for health information exchange and communication

Year Deployment Functionality
2001 Emergency department follow-up Emergency department patients with possible streptococcal throat infections given PCHRs and provided notification and decision support around throat culture results.
2004- Networked primary care PCHR The Canadian National Research Council and a team at McMaster University used the Indivo source code to develop a series of applications around a networked primary care PCHR, including interaction with an open source EMR [29] and a pharmacy system.
2005 Worksite employee health program After consenting to participate in a clinical trial, employees at Hewlett Packard were randomized and given an Indivo PCHR. Through HRA surveys, a risk category for influenza was assessed. The decision rules engine sent tailored and targeted messages to individuals regarding influenza prevention and control (appropriate use of vaccination, dangers of presenteeism, etc) This deployment fully tested the three tiered architecture and the messaging module, survey module and decision rules engine.
2007 Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology NHIN demonstration Regional and interregional sharing of medication and registration data compliant with the Connecting for Health Common Framework for health information exchange [14, 30]. Registration of PCHRs with a regional record locator service and communication across geographically diverse Regional Health Information Organizations using common protocols. Data exchange between Massachusetts SHARE and the Indiana Health Information Exchanged was fully prototyped and demonstrated.
2007- Access control test application Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are implementing an Indivo testbed for studying the complex technical issues around access control.
2007- Immunization decision support The Indivo PCHR under patient control, will send a de-identified clinical extract to the immunization registry forecasting module at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The forecasting module returns recommendations for next immunizations due, activating patients to help primary care providers ensure that their children have up to date vaccine status.
2007- Pediatric teaching hospital Full scale deployment of a PCHR at Children's Hospital Boston with subscription agent functionality, information sharing with public health, research and schools. Demonstrating subscription, access control, decision support, results broadcast.
2007- Employee health program at a medical health maintenance organization serving a university population Scale-up of the Hewlett Packard employee health program to the student and employee population of MIT Medical including a networked PCHR with subscriptions to EMR data and a robust authentication mechanism.
2007 Regional data exchange CCR/CCD based data exchange between electronic health records and Indivo.