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Table 3 Representative quotes from people living with HIV regarding cell phones

From: Access, use and perceptions regarding Internet, cell phones and PDAs as a means for health promotion for people living with HIV in Peru

Quotes of people having positive experiences
As reminder device for medication & safer sex "Using my cell phone is like having another arm. I always use the alarm function of mine [cell phone] to wake up in the mornings and I use it as a reminder [to take my pills]." Male, 39 years old
  "I use the alarm function to take my medicines. I use my cell phone to send and receive SMS. I think cell phones are good because you have an agenda, an alarm, etc." Male, 29 years old
  "I think it's important [to use cell phones to receive prevention messages] because you can be updated and be prevented." Male, 48 years old
  "It has to get to you. Definitively. Even by chance, you always open your SMS messages, even by chance. And you might find something. You have to be obstinate; you have to be very incisive when you leave your clear message. For example: How is going everything? Did you take care of yourself" Did you use your condoms today? It looks like offensive or pushing, but it is a way to attack directly the problem and that people can listen to you. I'd prefer an SMS, and it should be incisive, rather than a pre-recorded voice message." Male, 34 years old
Confidentiality "For me using cell phones is confidential. I don't give my cell phone to anybody." Male, 39 years old
Quotes of people having negative experiences
As reminder device for medication & safer sex "I don't use the alarm function of the cell. I [always] remember to take my medicines. I'd not like to use a cell phone with a recorded voice as reminder. I will not like it. To hear 'you have to take it', no no no; I will feel like a baby." Female, 38 years old
  "I used to use the alarm function of the cell phone at the beginning. Using cell phones as reminders is a good idea. Using cell phones to receive HIV prevention and information messages is a good idea too but up until certain limit because it might be know... you are not just living for getting information on HIV... you are doing other things." Male, 35 years
  "It could be useful but mainly for [ART-] naïve patients. For me, it will not work. Now, I automatically know the time of my medication; but it could be certainly useful for naïve patients." Male, 38 years old
Technological features of cell phone (confidentiality concerns) "The problem with cell phones might be with the confidentiality." Male, 34 years old
  "I HATE cell phones. Lots of people offered me, even for free. I think cell phones ruin your privacy. I NEVER had a cell phone. I think I am the only one that doesn't have a cell phone in my group of friends." Male MSM, 36 years