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Table 4 Examples of coded statements in a session transcripts

From: Group differences in physician responses to handheld presentation of clinical evidence: a verbal protocol analysis

Example 1. The participant is describing a preference to have clickable drug names within the evidence-based resource that link to additional drug information.
Participant "you should be able to click on that, and it comes up with all the information, the dosing here, the, you know, side effects, and all that stuff, (...) [then] I would feel confident prescribing that drug...even though I have never prescribed it before (...)."
USE/NEED; CE; TEXT; USEFULNESS; NEUTRAL; SPONTANEOUS; "Drug names should link to more drug information."
Example 2. The participant is answering a prompt from the investigator to explain why she finds the search input field categories useful.
Participant "why were the categories useful...consistent with evidence based medicine articles."
Example 3. The participant is commenting on the Summary section in CE.
Participant "That's an awful lot of gibberish in the summary. Just a little hard. I tend to think in point form sometimes. I like the point forms the BMJ has taken on as to what these articles mean."
CONTENT; CE; LEVEL (of detail); NEGATIVE; SPONTANEOUS; "Wants summary in point form similar to BMJ".