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Table 2 Likert scale items from the usability-testing session

From: Group differences in physician responses to handheld presentation of clinical evidence: a verbal protocol analysis

1. The categories of the questions were useful.
2. The category that I should use for my question was clear.
3. I clearly understood what needed to be entered in each of the fields.
4. The description in the help files was useful.
5. This information would help me in the management of the patient in the scenario
6. I prefer seeing tables displayed in the text rather than having to tap on a link to see them.
7. It's easy to understand the table
8. I prefer the large window format rather than the small window with sub-windows.
9. This is the right amount of information on this drug
10. Online prescribing would be useful in my practice
11. The preset dosages are useful
12. This 'Limited Use Drug' (LUD) form would be useful in my practice.
13. I prefer the screen size of the tablet rather than that of the pocketPC.
14. I prefer the portability of the pocketPC rather than that of the tablet.