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Table 1 Examples of retrieval services for MEDLINE

From: Relemed: sentence-level search engine with relevance score for the MEDLINE database of biomedical articles

service availability relevance score description
PubMed public/free no NLM's search engine for MEDLINE
SLIM public/free no alternative search interface using slider controllers to implement search limits, methodology filters, and MeSH terminologies
askMEDLINE public/free no free-text, natural language query tool for PubMed
eTBLAST public/free yes inputs an entire paragraph and returns articles that are similar to it
Ovid's MEDLINE subscription required no a search engine to MEDLINE
HubMed public/free yes shows first the articles that contain the search terms most frequently in the title and/or abstract
PubMedAssistant public/free no biologist-friendly interface for enhanced PubMed search
CISMeF public/free no gives ranked list of relevant specialties that relate to topics discussed in each article
GoPubMed public/free no classifies the retrieved articles using Gene Ontology terms
AnneOTate public/free no A tool for summarizing the results of a PubMed query
ArrowSmith public/free no A tool for identifying links between two sets of Medline articles
PubMed Gold public/free no finds PDFs for PubMed citations