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Table 5 Detailed summary of DADOS-Survey compliance with CHERRIES

From: DADOS-Survey: an open-source application for CHERRIES-compliant Web surveys

CHERRIES Item Category CHERRIES Checklist Category DADOS-Survey compliance
Design Describe survey design √ Described in the recipient e-mail invitation
IRB approval and informed consent process IRB approval √ Information provided in the recipient e-mail invitation and first page of survey
  Informed consent  
  Data protection  
Development and pre-testing Development and testing √ Described in the recipient e-mail invitation
Recruitment process and description of the sample having access to the questionnaire Open survey versus closed survey √ User selectable option based on IRB approval from host institution
  Contact mode √ Investigator must report
  Advertising the survey  
Survey administration Web/E-mail √ Survey can be posted on the Web or sent over e-mail. Responses are automatically captured by DADOS
  Context √ Investigator must report
  Time/Date √ Investigator must report. Time/Date data is automatically captured by DADOS.
  Randomization of items or questionnaires √ DADOS is user configured to randomize/alternate items
  Adaptive questioning √ DADOS is user configured to conditionally display items
  Number of items √ DADOS automatically captures and reports this data
  Number of screens (pages)  
  Completeness check √ DADOS allows user to configure a completeness check based on Java Script. A non-response option is provided to participants. One response and multiple response options are also available.
  Review step √ Review step allows participants to alter their responses before submission
Response rates Unique site visitor √ DADOS captures IP address to determine unique site visitors
  View rate (Ratio unique site visitors/unique survey visitors) √DADOS computes this information and provides user with the results
  Participation rate (Ratio unique survey page visitors/agreed to participate)  
  Completion rate (Ratio agreed to participate/finished survey)  
Preventing multiple entries from the same individual Cookies used For non-anonymous surveys, a user can only answer a survey once. For anonymous surveys, if the user does not complete the survey at once, the data collected is not saved.
  IP check This was decided not to be implemented so that different users could use the same computer to answer the survey
  Log file analysis -
  Registration The registration is done by importing a spreadsheet with the subjects. Once a subject completes the survey he/she cannot log in using the same user again.
Analysis Handling of incomplete questionnaires All surveys are analyzed, both completed and uncompleted; uncompleted questions are understood as missing.
  Questionnaires submitted with an atypical timestamp -
  Statistical correction -