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Table 2 Semantic Connector report for the Target class and its attributes.

From: The caCORE Software Development Kit: Streamlining construction of interoperable biomedical information services

UML Entity Concept Name Concept Preferred Name Classification Concept Code Concept Definition Concept Definition Source Human Verified
Target Candidate_Disease_Gene Candidate Disease Gene ObjectClass C19389 A gene proposed to have a primary role in a disease, based upon its known function in other organisms or model systems or based upon its physical proximity to markers linked to a genetic disease. NCI y
id Identifier Identifier Property C25364 One or more characters used to identify, name, or characterize the nature, properties, or contents of a thing. NCI y
type Type Type Property C25284 A subdivision of a particular kind of thing. NCI y
name Name_Generic_Concept Name Property C42614 The words or language units by which a thing is known. NCI y
  1. A class or an attribute of a class