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Table 3 Examples of rephrased questions. Minor modifications of some questions increased retrievals of exact matches of cited references. aPOEMs, bCATs

From: ask MEDLINE: a free-text, natural language query tool for MEDLINE/PubMed

Original question Result before rephrasing question (Citation match/total retrieved) Rephrased question Result after rephrasing question (Citation match/total retrieved)
aWhat is the risk that any given mole will become a melanoma? 0/31 What is the risk of any given mole transforming into a melanoma? 1/50
aAre ear temperatures reliable? 0/511 Is measurement of ear temperature reliable? 6/23
bIn children with an acute febrile illness, what is the efficacy of single-medication therapy with acetaminophen or ibuprofen compared with combination therapy combining the two medications in reducing fever while avoiding adverse effects? 0/0 In children with fever, is acetaminophen or ibuprofen alone better than combined, while avoiding adverse effects? 8/25