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Figure 3

From: Design and implementation of GRIP: a computerized glucose control system at a surgical intensive care unit

Figure 3

Main screen of GRIP. The main screen of GRIP. An overview of the ICU is shown replicating the arrangements of beds on the floor. Beds have colors according to pending action: green – no action has to be taken, orange – action has to be taken and a small icon indicates what action, in this case a new glucose value was detected in the hospital data system, which needs a validation from the nurse, and red – urgent action required, for example occurrence of hypoglycemia, or an advised measurement that is more than 30 minutes late. Each bed shows the current insulin pump rate, the most recent glucose value and the time it was taken, and the time the next glucose value needs to be taken. Empty beds are shown in grey. Each bed is clickable to yield a more detailed information panel shown in figure 4.

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