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Table 3 Study design slider bar limit descriptions and corresponding PubMed filters

From: SLIM: an alternative Web interface for MEDLINE/PubMed searches – a preliminary study

Slider Value Limit Description PubMed Filter
0 Default No filters
1–12 Case Reports AND ("case reports"[Publication Type] OR (case report[TIAB] OR case reported[TIAB] OR case reporting[TIAB] OR case reports[TIAB]))
13–24 Cross-sectional Surveys AND ("cross-sectional studies"[TIAB] NOT Medline[SB]) OR "cross-sectional studies"[MeSH Terms] OR (cross [TIAB] AND sectional [TIAB])
25–36 Case-control studies, broad search AND ((case control stud*[TIAB] NOT Medline[SB]) OR "case-control studies"[MeSH Terms] OR case-control stud* [TIAB])
37–48 Case-control studies, narrow search AND (case control stud*[TIAB] OR "case-control studies"[MeSH Terms:noexp] OR "case-control studies"[MAJR])
49–60 Cohort Studies, broad search AND ("cohort studies"[MeSH Terms] OR (cohort[TIAB] AND stud* [TIAB]))
61–72 Cohort Studies, narrow search AND ("cohort studies"[MeSH Terms:noexp] OR "cohort studies"[MAJR])
73–84 Randomized Controlled Trials, broad search [15] AND ((clinical[Title/Abstract] AND trial[Title/Abstract]) OR clinical trials[MeSH Terms] OR clinical trial[Publication Type] OR random*[Title/Abstract] OR random allocation[MeSH Terms] OR therapeutic use[MeSH Subheading])
85–96 Randomized Controlled Trials, narrow search [15] AND (randomized controlled trial[Publication Type] OR (randomized[Title/Abstract] AND controlled[Title/Abstract] AND trial[Title/Abstract]))
97–100 Systematic Reviews [16] AND systematic[sb]