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Table 1 Journal subset slider bar limit descriptions and corresponding PubMed filters

From: SLIM: an alternative Web interface for MEDLINE/PubMed searches – a preliminary study

Slider Value Limit Description PubMed Filter
0 Default (All PubMed) No filter
1–5 PubMed: with abstracts only AND hasabstract
6–15 PubMed: full text AND full text[sb]
16–25 PubMed: free full text AND free full text[sb]
26–35 MEDLINE (4800+ journals) AND medline[sb]
36–45 MEDLINE: with abstracts only AND medline[sb] AND hasabstract
46–55 MEDLINE: full text AND medline[sb] AND full text[sb]
56–65 MEDLINE: free full text AND medline[sb] AND free full text[sb]
66–75 Core Clinical (120 journals) AND jsubsetaim
76–85 Core Clinical: with abstracts only AND jsubsetaim AND hasabstract
86–95 Core Clinical: full text AND jsubsetaim AND full text[sb]
95–100 Core Clinical: free full text AND jsubsetaim AND free full text[sb]