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Table 4 Intent* and interest** in screening, test ordering and completion, and readiness to be screened by up-to-date§ status

From: Development and initial testing of a computer-based patient decision aid to promote colorectal cancer screening for primary care practice

  Up-to-date (n = 14) Not up-to-date (n = 66)
Intent to ask for screening   
   before viewing aid 2.4 2.9
   after viewing aid 2.6 3.3
Interest in screening   
   before viewing aid 2.6 3.3
   after viewing aid 3.0 3.6
Readiness to be screened (%)   
   Ready 29 66
   Not ready 43 18
   Need more information 29 15
% with lower endoscopy ordered 21 28
% with lower endoscopy completed 21 27
% with FOBT ordered 57 21
% with FOBT completed 29 17
  1. *Intent to ask for screening was based on the question: "How likely are you, at this visit, to ask your doctor about being tested for colon cancer?" and used a 4-point Likert scale, 1 = not at all likely to ask, 4 = very likely to ask
  2. **Interest in screening was based on the question:"How interested are you in having a test for colon cancer in the next 6 months?" and used a 4-point Likert scale, 1 = not at all interested, 4 = definitely interested
  3. §up-to-date: FOBT in the past year, sigmoidoscopy or barium enema in the past 5 years, or colonoscopy in the past 10 years