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Table 2 Example of single cluster parameters and multiple cluster parameters.

From: A software tool for creating simulated outbreaks to benchmark surveillance systems

Parameter Type of Cluster
  Single Cluster Set of Clusters Varying Angle
Cluster ID 100 101 [1:4]
Number of Points in Cluster 30 30
Reference Point Latitude 42.35666 42.35666
Reference Point Longitude -71.09516 -71.09516
Cluster Radius 600 m 400 m
Angle from reference point 90 [varies, see below]
Distance from reference point 1600 m 3000 m
Number of Days 5 5
Time-growth Pattern Linear Linear
Cluster Description Linear time-growth cluster north of center point Varied angle around center point and created 4 clusters.
Number of Clusters N/A 4
Minimum Angle N/A 0
Maximum Angle N/A 270