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Table 1 Parameters that can be altered when creating a single cluster.

From: A software tool for creating simulated outbreaks to benchmark surveillance systems

Parameter Description
Cluster ID Number User specified reference or identification number for each cluster
Number of Points in the cluster Number of patients or points in the generated cluster.
"Reference Point" GIS Location The latitude-longitude coordinates of a reference point, which could be a hospital or a primary care facility, for example.
Maximum cluster radius The distance between the outermost point in the cluster and the center of the cluster.
"Angle" from the reference point The angle of the cluster measured counter-clockwise from due east of the reference point as zero degrees, using unit circle convention.
Distance from the reference point The distance between the center point of the cluster and the reference point.
Numbers of Days the Cluster should span The number of days from when the first person shows symptoms to when the last person does.
Date Algorithm This specifies which of the three models of temporal progression to use. Additional models can be incorporated into the software.
Description and output filenames The user can specify where the cluster data and user-specified cluster description will be written.