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Table 3 Patient contacts documented in the EPR and registered in the survey.

From: Use of email for patient communication in student health care: a cross-sectional study

Type of patient contact Number of patient contacts Statistical significance of the difference between expected and registered contacts2)
  All physicians Respondents  
  Documented data in
electronic patient record
Expected1) Registered  
  n n n p
Visit 3098 2107 2296 0.237
Phone call 1115 758 948 < 0.001
Email 178 121 449 < 0.001
  1. Patient contacts documented by all physicians at the Finnish Student Health Service (n = 76) in the electronic patient record (MedicusR) and registered by respondents (n = 52) in a survey over one working week (5.5. – 9.5.2003), as well as the statistical significance of the difference in contact numbers.
  2. 1)Based on the proportion of respondents among all physicians
  3. 2) Proportion test for two independent groups