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Table 1 List of tasks. Tasks used in the various revisions of the questionnaire.

From: Task-oriented evaluation of electronic medical records systems: development and validation of a questionnaire for physicians

No. Task Rev. 1 National study Rev. 2 Local study Rev. 3 Test-retest study and interviews
1 Review the patient's problems x x x
2 Seek out specific information from patient records x x x
3 Follow results of a test or investigation over time x x x
4 Obtain results from new tests or investigations x x x
5 Enter daily notes x x x
6 Obtain information on investigation or treatment procedures x   x
7 Answer questions concerning general medical knowledge (e.g. concerning treatment, symptoms, complications etc.) x   x
8 Produce data reviews for specific patient groups x x x
9 Order clinical biochemical laboratory analyses x x x
10 Obtain results from clinical biochemical laboratory analyses x x x
11 Order X-ray, ultrasound or CT investigations x   x
12 Obtain results from x ray, ultrasound, or CT investigations x x x
13 Order other supplementary investigations x   x
14 Obtain results from other supplemental investigations x x x
15 Refer patient to other departments or specialists x x x
16 Order treatment directly (e.g. medicines, operations etc.) x   x
17 Write prescriptions x x x
18 Write sick leave notes x x x
19 Collect patient data for various medical declarations x x x
20 Give written specific information to patients (e.g. about medications, disease status.) x x x
21 Give written general information to patients x x x
22 Collect patient information for discharge reports x x x
23 Check and sign typed dictations x x x
24 Register codes for diagnoses or performed procedures   x x