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Table 3 The description of ecgML: Record element

From: A markup language for electrocardiogram data acquisition and analysis (ecgML)

Record The element for the details of ECG data
Element/attribute Description/Origin Required Values/Data Type Example
investigatorID A text description of the referring physician Optional string Dr. John
siteID A text description of the place where the ECG data was acquired. Optional string Loyal Hosptial
AcquisitionDate Acquisition date of the recording. To be expressed as YYYY-MM-DD Optional date 2002-10-20
AcquisitionTime Acquisition time of the recording. To be expressed as HH:MM:SS.SSS Optional time 11:05:32.00
RecordingDevice Description of the device that made the recording Optional See Table 4  
ClinicalProtocol Additional patient clinical information Optional See Table 5  
RecordData Ecg data for each channel. Required See Table 6