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Table 1 The description of ecgML: ECGRecord element

From: A markup language for electrocardiogram data acquisition and analysis (ecgML)

ECGRecord The root element for XML-based ECG record
studyID Unique ID for an ECG record. Required string ECG000001
Element/attribute Description/Origin Required   Values/Data Type Example
StudyDate Study date. To be expressed as YYYY-MM-DD. Required date 2002-10-22
StudyTime Study time. To be expressed as HH:MM:SS.SSS Required time 12:01:00
Comment Comments about the ECG Record Optional string Subject under stress 1 hour after dose.
PatientDemographics Describes patient demographics Required See Table 2  
Record The details for ECG data. Required See Table 3  
MedicalHistory Description of the patient's clinical problems and diagnoses. Optional string Ventricular ectopy
Diagnosis For the latest diagnostic interpretation of the ECG. Optional string Myocardial infarction