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Table 7 Hidden states for name standardisation currently supported by the Febrl package

From: Preparation of name and address data for record linkage using hidden Markov models

Hidden State Description
titl Title (Mr, Ms, Dr etc) state
baby State for baby of, son of or daughter of
knwn State for known as
andor State for and or or
gname1 First given name state
gname2 Second given name state
ghyph Given name hyphen state
gopbr Given name opening bracket or quote state
gclbr Given name closing bracket or quote state
agname1 First alternative given name state
agname2 Second alternative given name state
coma State for commas, semi-colons etc
sname1 First surname state
sname2 Second surname state
shyph Surname hyphen state
sopbr Surname opening bracket or quote state
sclbr Surname closing bracket or quote state
asname1 First alternative surname state
asname2 Second alternative surname state
pref1 First name prefix state
pref2 Second name prefix state
rubb State for residual elements