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Table 2 Segmented and transformed versions of the records from Table 1

From: Preparation of name and address data for record linkage using hidden Markov models

Data element Record 0 Record 1 Record 2 Record 3 Record 4
Given names gwen angie gwendolynne angela lyn
Surnames palfree tantivitiyapitak palfrey tontiveetiyapitak palfrey
Sex female female female female male
Institution names   paknam   paknam  
Institution types   monastery   monastery  
Unit types flat     
Unit identifiers 17   17   
Wayfare numbers 23,25   23 245  
Wayfare names knitting saint george knitting saint george knitting, crochet
Wayfare types street avenue street street street
Wayfare qualifier      corner
Locality name wishbone putney wishbone putney wishbone
Locality qualifiers west old west   
Territories nsw nsw nsw   nsw
Postcodes 2987 2345 2987 2345