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Table 1 Some illustrative, fictitious, personally-identified records

From: Preparation of name and address data for record linkage using hidden Markov models

Record Number Name Sex Street address Locality Age in years
0 Gwen Palfree F Flat 17 23–25 Knitting Street West Wishbone 2987 New South Wales 42
1 Angie Tantivitiyapitak F Wat Paknam Saint George Ave Old Putney NSW 2345 27
2 Gwendolynne Palfrey 2 17/23 Knitting St Wishbone West NSW 2987 42
3 Tontiveetiyapitak, Angela Female C/- Paknam Monastery, 245 St George St Putney 2345 28
4 Palfrey, Lyn 1 Corner of Knitting and Cro chet Streets, Wishbone New Sth Wales 43
  1. Note: The "bleeding" of street address data into the locality column in record 4 is deliberate, and typical of real-life data captured by information systems with fixed-length data fields.