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Table 7 Financial Analysis Model

From: Selecting information technology for physicians' practices: a cross-sectional study

Financial Analysis Model Predictor Coeff. (Bj) Wald Statistic p Odds Ratio Respondent's Reaction to Financial Analysis Statements
Time to learn (reduced workload to learn the software). 2.1 5.44 0.0197 8.20 More likely to agree
Software with managed care features. 1.52 7.74 0.0054 4.59 More likely to agree
Importance of "value for cost' purchase influence. 0.69 8.04 0.0046 2.00 More likely to agree
Importance of compatibility purchase influence. -0.41 5.89 0.0152 0.66 Less likely to agree
The cost of the software. -1.4 6.74 0.0094 0.25 Less likely to agree