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Table 3 Selection process

From: Selecting information technology for physicians' practices: a cross-sectional study

Who selects (Q1)? And Who customizes (Q5)? At least 1 of the following Selection Frequency (n = 399) Customization Frequency (n = 399)
Administrators: office manager, financial manager, or medical director 68% 63%
Clinical staff members: a physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse or medical technicians 62% 33%
Computer consultant from outside the practice 48% 39%
Office staff members: billing clerk, scheduler, receptionist, or secretary 42% 42%
Representative from: health system, insurance company or patients 18% 18%
Computer specialist within the practice 17% 13%
What selection steps are used (Q2)? Frequency (n = 399)
Performed cost comparisons 85%
Viewed software demonstration 81%
Issued a RFP (Request For Proposal) or RFI 79%
Compared software options with the best in the field 78%
Conducted prior user interviews 76%
Performed a needs assessment 75%
Developed selection criteria 73%
Reviewed your long term business plan 60%
Made a site visit 47%
Developed a decision analysis 35%
Formed a selection committee 21%
What factors influence the purchase (Q3)?
Influenzing Statements
Frequency (n = 399) Rated "high or very high importance"
The software appeared easy to use. 80%
Software appeared to improve one or more of the business processes in the practice process. 79%
The software provided the most value for cost. 73%
The software would help the practice perform processes needed to reach our long term business strategy. 66%
The vendor had many sites and was responsive to our needs during the selection process. 55%
There were strong testimonies from prior users. 47%
The software was already in use by other sites affiliated with this practice. 41%
Software was compatible with existing practice systems in the practice. 36%