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Table 1 Top ten data items by clinical role

From: Clinical data needs in the neonatal intensive care unit electronic medical record

Data item MS Data item MS
Daily weight 5.7 Daily weight 5.6
Oxygen device (i.e. NCPAP) 5.7 pH 5.5
pCO2 5.7 pCO2 5.4
FiO2 5.7 FiO2 5.2
Blood culture results 5.7 Blood culture results 5.2
Ventilator rate - set 5.7 Gestational age 5.2
Ventilator mode 5.7 Ventilator mode 5.1
Chest X-ray 5.7 Chest X-ray 5.1
Medication names 5.7 Total fluids in (cc/kg/day) 5.1
pH 5.6 PEEP 5.0
  1. A listing of the top 10 data items with the largest mean score (MS) stratified by clinical role groupings. Data items that differ between the groups are italicized.