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Table 1 List of variables used in the study (for both BRCA1 and BRCA2 populations), data types, and variable inclusion in Cox proportional hazards models (i) to (vi)

From: Can multiple SNP testing in BRCA2 and BRCA1 female carriers be used to improve risk prediction models in conjunction with clinical assessment?

Variable Data type Model (i) Model (ii) Model (iii) Model (iv) Model (v) Model (vi)
Genetic predisposition score (GPS) Numeric    
Year of birth Numeric    
Manchester score Numeric (inverse hyperbolic sine scale)    
Body mass index (BMI) Numeric    
Parity Quartiles (q1 … q4) + missing category    
Age of menarche Quartiles (q1 … q4) + missing category    
Age of menopause Quartiles (q1 … q4) + missing category + ovulating stratum    
Age of first full-term pregnancy Quartiles (q1 … q4) + missing category + never had full term pregnancy    
Oral contraception usage Quartiles (q1 … q4)    
Oophorectomy Binary (yes vs. no)    
Mastectomy Binary (yes vs. no)    
Individual single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, rs614367, rs704010, rs713588, rs889312, rs909116, rs1011970, rs1156287, rs1562430, rs2981579, rs3757318, rs3803662, rs4973768, rs8009944, rs9790879, rs10995190, rs11249433, rs13387042, rs10931936) Binary (yes vs. no)