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Table 1 Imaging modalities and diseases to observe

From: A survey on computer aided diagnosis for ocular diseases

Imaging modalities Technology Targets Diseases observed
Retina Fundus 2D; considerably larger areas of the fundus Interior surface of the eye (retina; DR, glaucoma, AMD
  than can be seen at one time with handheld optic disc; macular; posterior pole)  
OCT 3D; high resolution cross-sectional imaging Cornea thickness, retinal nerve fibre Glaucoma, macular
   layer tissue, macular thickness degeneration and edema
Heidelberg Retina 2D; confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope Retina Glaucoma
Tomography (HRT)    
Slit Lamp 2D; high-intensity light source stereoscopic Eyelid, scelra, conjunctiva, iris, Cataract
  magnified view of the eye structures lens, cornea  
RetCam 2D; wide angle imaging Anterior segment, anterior chamber Anterior segment lesions,
    Retinopathy of Prematurity
Scanning laser High resolution cross-sectional imaging Thickness of RNFL Glaucoma
polarimetry (SLP)