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Table 7 Included multimedia interventions and on-going availability

From: A systematic review of interactive multimedia interventions to promote children’s communication with health professionals: implications for communicating with overweight children

Study Multimedia intervention MI description Available/ in use Comments
[9] Interactive Consult 2.0 Stationary and moveable graphics used to illustrate orthodontic diagnosis and treatment (36 treatment plans) No  
[70] Packy and Marlon One-or two-player game to save the diabetes summer camp from the rats and mice that have scattered the food and diabetes supplies (24 levels) No Extract available at (accessed 7 February 2013)
[6] All About Nocturnal Enuresis Animated, interactive tutorials based on paper-based pamphlet (7 tutorials) No  
[69] Kidz with Leukemia: A Space Adventure A themed MI, providing leukemia information using interactive media, e.g. games and puzzles; and video, e.g. a hospital tour Yes  
[67] Watch, Discover, Think and Act An adventure game to make decisions about managing the game character’s asthma and provide tailored treatment asthma plan. No  
[66] Asthma Control Game simulation of daily events, while managing the superhero game character’s asthma, including brief video clips about specific objects, e.g. triggers or medication No  
[7] Interactive Multimedia Program for Asthma Control: IMPACT Asthma Kids Animated interactive tutorials about asthma symptoms and medication use, and real-life scenarios to practice decision-making (44 modules) Yes, in adapted format MI content has been converted into a series of interactive educational resources
[8] The Asthma Files Animated interactive secret-agent themed modules with games and quizzes and provides tailored self-management asthma plan (8 modules) No  
[73] Not stated Consists of: No  
• Adventure game incorporating asthma-related situations that have to be managed;
• Asthma quizzes and material from group education sessions;
• Scheduled chat sessions with asthma experts;
• Online social networking with peers
[65] STARBRIGHT World Intranet for hospitalised children with interactive games, arts and crafts projects, and opportunities to contact children in other hospitals online Yes Website is recommended for 13-20 year olds
[74] STARBRIGHT World: Fitting Cystic Fibrosis into your Everyday Life Animated interactive tutorials about eating, breathing and cystic fibrosis questions and answers (3 modules) Yes  
[71] U-Can-Poop-Too Interactive tutorials and quizzes with illustrations about aspects of encopresis management (27 modules) Yes  
[72] Headstrong Interactive narrated tutorials and quizzes about headache management, e.g. deep breathing and imagery, and a tailored active pain-coping plan (4 modules) No Available only from authors