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Table 3 The difficulties relating to the consultation of CPGs by physicians, as identified during the first focus group

From: Improving access to clinical practice guidelines with an interactive graphical interface using an iconic language



GP quotes


Summaries are frequently missing, making it difficult to obtain a clear general overview of a CPG

“This is good for research or education but not for medical practice because we have to search for the right information; a synthetic card would be welcome”


It is difficult to find particular cases and exceptions; tables of contents and decision trees are not the most suitable approach for this

“This is annoying, we cannot find particular cases in the tree”


It is difficult to relate the nodes on decision trees, or boxes in diagrams, to their corresponding text in the CPG, even in the electronic CPGs (which did not provide links for this purpose)

“You must browse several pages to find what you seek”


CPG texts are long, and clinically important terms are difficult to identify as they are not highlighted



CPGs can include many ambiguous sentences