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Table 1 Examples of scenarios used during the qualitative (first) study and the evaluation (second) study (translated from French)

From: Improving access to clinical practice guidelines with an interactive graphical interface using an iconic language

# Usages Disorders involved Scenarios
1 Qualitative study, first focus group, paper CPG Acne A 35-year-old female patient in the 24th week of pregnancy comes to see you for inflammatory acne (localized form). She comes back a few days later because of intolerance (burns) to the treatment you prescribed her (adaptalen). You go to the Vidal Recos website to obtain information relating to: therapeutic management, how to reassure the patient regarding this adverse effect, precautions applying to this situation.
2 Qualitative study, first focus group, electronic CPG Hypothyroidism One of your patients, a 70-year-old man with a history of coronary disease, comes to his consultation with biological test results, so that you can determine the most appropriate prescription for him. You are following this patient for hypothyroidism. His current TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) level is 4. What approach do you adopt?
3 Evaluation study Hypertension A 32-year-old female patient in the seventh month of pregnancy comes to see you. It is her second pregnancy and she has a blood pressure of 150/80. Her blood pressure measured at home 15 days ago was 145/80. This patient has been monitoring her blood pressure since her first pregnancy because she has hypertension, and she has been treated with a drug (she forgets its name). You wish to see the recent recommendations for managing hypertension in pregnant women, particularly as concerns the drugs that you can prescribe her.